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How To Apply Vietnam Work Permit For Foreigner

  • 02/07/2020
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The Department of Labor, Invalid and Society is the only organ who has authority to issue Vietnam work permit for foreigners. A work permit’s validity lasts 36 months (3 years). After it comes to an expiry date, foreign workers need ...

How to get temporary residence card in Vietnam

What is Vietnam Temporay Residence Card (TRC)? According to the Law on Entry, Exit, Transit, and Residence of Foreigners in Vietnam 2014, temporary residence card is a document issued by an immigration authority or a competent authority of the Ministry of Foreign ...

How to extend visa in Vietnam?

When you overstay in Vietnam, this will make your next visit more difficult. You may even be banned from entering Vietnam for 1-2 years. More seriously, you can be fined VNĐ 1,250,000 for an overdue stay of less than 15 ...

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