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How To Apply Vietnam Work Permit For Foreigner

The Department of Labor, Invalid and Society is the only organ who has authority to issue Vietnam work permit for foreigners. A work permit’s validity lasts 36 months (3 years). After it comes to an expiry date, foreign workers need to reapply for a renewal one. Below are some frequently question & answer about getting work permit:

All question about Vietnam Working Permit

How I apply Vietnam work permit ?

Required Documents

+ Request for work permit form. (new form issued in April 2014, employer need to prepare).

+ Health check certification.

+ Criminal records (issued within 180 days), if applicants have been stayed more than 6 months in Vietnam, they will have to provide both Vietnamese criminal records, & the criminal record from their home countries.

+ Degree ( university or higher).

+ Working experience confirmation document from former employers.

+ Passports ( Copy).

+ Approval document from Committee wich allow employer to use Foreign workers.

+ Employer’s Business certification.

+ Passport size photos (2).

Proccessing Time: 40 working days

Can I Work In Vietnam Without Working Permit

Yes, You can. If you are in one of the following cases:

+ Working duration is less than 3 months.

+ Members of a limited company which include more than 1 member.

+ Owner of one member limited company in Vietnam.

+ Members of BOD at a joint stock company.

+ Doing service sales activities for a foreign company in Vietnam.

+ Foreign lawyer with a law practice license issued by the Ministry of justice

What do I need to avoid working permit when doing services sales activies in Vietnam?

A foreigner comes to Vietnam for service sales activities needs to report to local department of labor, invalid and social affair in document including information of name, date of birth, nationality, passport Number, working duration in Vietnam, details of business activities in Vietnam. This report must be sent ( through fax, post, at office,etc…) 7 working days before this foreigner arrive.

For Example:
If a foreigner is going to do sales activities for his company’s service in Hanoi from May 16th, 2013, his report must have been sent to Hanoi department of labor, invalid and social affair by May 7th, 2013.

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